Reasons why Colombia has it all...

If you have never been to Colombia, can I please suggest that you add it to your bucket list? I first went to Colombia when I was 18, and very quickly fell in love with the place. The Colombian people are some of the kindest and happiest I have ever met. They really know how to live life and you can see this through their artistic talents, colour, vibrancy and music, the way they dance. It is such a passionate and talented country.

Colombia really does have something for everyone. Want to go lie on an isolated Caribbean beach? Seek out ruins in the middle of the rainforest? Are small traditional towns more your thing, or do you prefer huge cosmopolitan cities oozing with history and hectic nightlife?

Colombia has it all.

Unfortunately Colombia has always had a bad reputation due to the country's biggest villain also being its most famous, amongst other things. I can quite honestly say that I have never had a problem in Colombia.

Bogota, Colombias Capital is actually very green thanks to its parks and the hills that extend along its eastern boundary, dwarfed by their two highest points, Monserrate and Guadalupe. The landscape that the people of Bogotá enjoy daily—the sea of green that makes up the Andes mountain range, would be nearly impossible to find in any other large city.

Bogotá also has the colours of modern buildings and authentic colonial roof tiles that are a true historical treasure from the colonial era.

Thanks to this fusion of the past and present, Bogotá is an ideal location with history, entertainment, delicious cuisine, culture, business, and much more.

The weather in Bogota is certainly not tropical, being a city surrounded by mountains, its weather or temperature ranges between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius. Autumn clothes are perfect to enjoy the weather in Bogota.,and always carry an umbrella with you, since rains are frequent in the capital. 

Amongst all of the other tourist things to see in Bogota, definitely go to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá  (just outside of Bogota) is an underground church built inside a salt mine, and made entirely of salt. It is an absolutely spectacular sight, and well worth a visit.

My favourite restaurant which I always go to whenever I am in Bogota is Andres Carne de Res. I can’t think of anything more Colombian and wilder than Andrés. Once you are there, it feels like its own little world and it’s impossible not to be surprised. Andrés is truly a reflection and a celebration of Colombian customs and traditions. It is a place to eat, to party, to dance, to let go of your inhibitions, and to have a memorable time.

From Bogota you can fly directly to Cartagena, where my hats are hand-painted by our super talented artisans. Cartagena is a completely different Colombian experience to that of the capital. It is a total explosion of coloured buildings encircled by a wall which abuts the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea. This place is where City meets nature and they come together to dance the perfect vallenato (traditional Colombian dance) Whenever I go to Cartagena I feel my spirit and passion lift, it is impossible not to.

You must go and visit/stay in the hotel Santa Teresa, which is stunning, in all of its colonial beauty. The first time I ever went there I spotted Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Also go to Café del Mar which is situated in the city walls, have a cocktail, watch the sunset and see the most stunning views.

There are so many things to see and experience in Colombia, that I could go on forever but I hope that I have given you a little taste of one of my favourite countries and may even have inspired you to go and see for yourself.